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Old airport terminal at Luqa

Luqa: The Malta International Airport (old terminal)

According to the prosecution, the luggage containing the bomb boarded an AirMalta flight to Frankfurt from this old terminal. Today it is no longer used as Malta's main airport terminal but as an air cargo terminal.

In 1989 AirMalta issued a statement responding to reports in two British newspapers about Malta's connection in the case. The airline said none of the passengers or luggage aboard its Flight KM-180 from Malta to Frankfurt, had boarded the doomed Pan Am Flight 103 to London. The Air Malta statement said there had been no "interlining passengers" or luggage transferring from the Air Malta flight to Pan Am 103. "Air Malta's records also show clearly that no unaccompanied baggage was carried on flight KM-180," it said. "In fact, 39 passengers checked in 55 pieces of baggage; 55 pieces of baggage were loaded onto Flight KM-180 and 39 passengers travelled on the flight. Air Malta has been informed that all 55 pieces of baggage have been accounted for and that every one of the 39 passengers has been identified," the statement concluded.

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